This Week in Environmental News 4-6

According to a new report issued by Ceres and Citi Investment Research & Analysis, meeting new national gas mileage and emissions standards could mean higher profits for automakers, potentially amounting to almost $2.5 billion for GM, Chrysler, and Ford.  According to Ceres’ Carol Lee Rawn, “Given the volatility of gas prices - and the likelihood that they’ll head through the roof again - it’s clear that customers want better fuel economy and delivering it means a better bottom line for the industry.”

A report by the NRDC on states’ preparedness to face new climate change-induced problems such as rising sea levels, droughts, and water shortages found that 9 states have already implemented plans, policies, and strategies to deal with these anticipated issues.  On the flip side, 29 have done little to nothing. 

Between 2007 and 2011, electricity generated from coal dropped nearly 4% each year, while nuclear power fell slightly as well, said new research from the Earth Policy Institute.  On the rise were natural gas and hydropower, which saw annual increases of 3 and 7% respectively, and wind-generated electricity led the pack with 36% annual growth.