This Week in Environmental News 3-15

Over the past 7 years, scientists have observed a 59% drop in the number of monarch butterflies migrating to Mexico during the winter months, according to this article.  This drop in butterfly population is a sign of several environmental factors, and multiple organizations are attempting to work together to forge a solution and protect this species.  

Earlier this week, we wrote about National Groundwater Awareness Week.  The International Bottles Water Association (IBWA) has come out in support of National Groundwater Awareness Week, stating that “Many public water systems draw at least a portion of their water supply from groundwater, so protecting this renewable resource also helps ensure municipal water supplies are safe and treatment costs are reduced.”

The nonprofit A Better City has created a Challenge for Sustainability in Boston, encouraging businesses and commercial real estate to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  In 2012, Boston businesses cut GHG emissions by 4% - better than the Challenge for Sustainability’s goal of 2% annual reductions.

In Chicago, affordable multi-family housing units are being retrofitted with rooftop solar arrays, providing the buildings with renewable solar energy.  The end goal of this project is to create zero-net-energy-capable buildings.  This project is bringing clean energy to over 600 people living in Chicago’s affordable housing developments.