As an essential business, EBI is staying the course in our mission to support you and your business objectives. Our national team of environmental, architectural, engineering, and health and safety experts are working harder than ever to keep your projects moving. We are committed to finding creative solutions that move deals forward while keeping everyone safe – just as we’re known to do.

We are in this together and you can count on us. We will stay focused to support each other, overcome challenges, and deliver the kind of results our clients and partners have trusted for over 30 years. From Virtual Site Assessments to Cleaning and Decontamination services, EBI Is your partner in COVID-19 response services.

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Mint green medical gloves.CLEANING AND DECONTAMINATION

From managing infection control and verifying surface cleanliness to health and safety planning and training, EBI’s EH&S team is your partner for COVID-19 response actions.

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Our team of industrial hygienists and environmental health and safety specialists provides a variety of industrial hygiene services and indoor air quality assessments.

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MicrophoneRick Kaplan One-On-One Interview with Peter Hosford, CIH, CSP

How do we ensure a clean, safe work environment? Listen to EBI Consulting Program Director, Peter Hosford, CIH, CSP's conversation with Rick Kaplan at NEREJ.

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Drone flying over some mountains.VIRTUAL SITE ASSESSMENTS

EBI’s Virtual Site Assessments overcome site access issues to ensure high quality, accurate analysis to move your transaction forward.

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Drain pipe leading out to large body of water.HEALTH AND SAFETY PLANS

Institutional and industrial clients benefit from EBI's expertise in developing and implementing environmental health and safety plans, policies and procedure.

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While many industries are impacted by COVID-19, the CRE industry faces its own distinct hurdles. EBI is working to help clients complete their usual work in novel ways.

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Quality. Commitment to quality is at the core of everything we do. EBI's consultants are known for business and technical expertise, responsiveness, and best-in-class reporting tailored to your specific needs.

Collaboration. Leveraging deep knowledge and diverse experience, we create customized solutions that make sense for you. We bring our comprehensive suite of services to bear and provide ongoing communication to help you navigate the nuances of each project.

Integrity. At EBI, integrity isn't simply operating within the letter of the law; it's about understanding and meeting your unique needs, solving problems, creating value for your business, and delivering intelligence you can have confidence in.

Let our nationwide network of local experts find solutions that give you the information you need to make the best business decisions.